Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pricing thoughts

HEy folks,
   I love my job and my customers! For future  potential customers this is a good read

       This photographer explains so well why You get what you pay for in photography like anything. I am amazed how so many potential customers there first priority is price and finding everything for cheap! And I so appreciate working with folks who value my work and years of experience and good reviews over finding the absolute cheapest photographer out there. Small rant ;)
      If you thought you were going to find actual pricing numbers here please email me directly
 thanks sarah

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2013 Reviews

   I work with the best folks! I love how I get to interact with folks with my camera and sometimes folks put there true self out there for all to see! No matter where they are at!
thanks folks!

   So here is a collection of what folks have to say about me and Lavigne Photography

"Sarah is so easy to work with--warm, flexible, professional. She shot photos of the birth of our third child and some casual photos of the kids and me last fall. You'll love her! I highly recommend her."-Vanessa

"Sarah couldn't have been a better choice for our wedding. She was unobtrusiveness, great with all ages, and took uniquely emotive photos. Sarah also was pleasant to work with, flexible on any special requests, and was quick to get us our photos after the event. "

"Sarah did an incredible job. She was professional and courteous and got great photo's but wasn't at all "in the way." My wife and I were extremely pleased working with Sarah, she is wonderful."

"Sarah provides quality photos, in beautiful natural settings. She is reasonably priced which allows my family to document our lives more often. She is so easy to work with and takes the time and effort to get to know us personally. This is evident in the photography. She is a real artist."-portrait customer

 These are from 2012

"Sarah was wonderful! She made us feel comfortable and we had a great time taking the photos. Her photographs are stunning and were very affordable. We feel so grateful to have such wonderful memories of our special day."

"Sarah was professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. She was easy to communicate with. She is clear and direct, but completely unobtrusive. She took all the photographs that we requested and more. I love her style and we ended up with thousands of wonderful photos. A pleasure to work with, and photos that we'll treasure forever. Thanks, Sarah!"

"Sarah took fantastic photos--both staged and candid--and added her artistic flair. She did a sensational job catching the emotion of our wedding and many of the small moments that made it such a special day. My wife Meghan and I have already spent many evenings enjoying the Sarah's photography and reliving the celebration. The prices for Lavigne Photography's are well worth the quality of work. We would instantly recommend her to any of our friends. Thank you Sarah."

These are from 2011

"Lavigne Photography was amazing! The photos came out excellent. Sarah did a great job getting us in the moment and really capturing the expression of our special day. I would recommend Lavigne Photography for anyone looking for artistic photos for their special event."

"Sarah was a phenomenal wedding photographer. She followed every picture that I wanted her to include down to every detail. She captured our emotion and was so helpful in helping us "stay in the moment". Her pictures were beautiful with an artistic and vintage flair. Highly recommended!"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Vanessa with her boys August Mini portrait day 2013

 Hey folks,
    Ok spring is here time to get back to work I guess.
    The fall is always a whirlwind here and photos regularly do not get posted. Actually thought I had posted these last years but no, so here ya go.  These were at Scott Farm during a mini portrait session. The light was amazing, almost got rained out. I love this family!! Got to photograph the littles birth so they are near to my heart even though I don't get to see them much! Sending love your way! Thanks folks! And thanks for the nice review!

 "Sarah is so easy to work with--warm, flexible, professional. She shot photos of the birth of our third child and some casual photos of the kids and me last fall. You'll love her! I highly recommend her."- Vanessa