Monday, February 28, 2011

June wedding to brighten last day of February!

hey folks,
I have been meaning to add these photos since June! Time does fly. But today is a perfect time, the baby is napping and it is freezing raining out!!! Lovely!
This was a lovely wedding despite rain. It was a bright foggy rainy day on a beautiful New Hampshire hilltop. The grass and trees were this amazing bright green! It stopped raining enough after the ceremony for some outside portraits. And then the reception was in Keene.


  1. Lovely!! I loved all that with an umbrella! :D

  2. Dennis Linnell8/7/11, 12:31 PM

    What amazing photos you took of our wedding. You captured the day perfectly. And I think you are right about the rain in June. It made the greens really pop. Thank you! ~Dennis Linnell

  3. Dennis- So happy you liked them!