Friday, May 29, 2009

Morris Dancers Newfane, VT

Last week was a spring dance week!
 Here are some photos from Morris dancing in Newfane, VT.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crossroads Brattleboro School of Dance 09

On thursday and friday I got to photo the Brattleboro School of Dance dress rehearsal and opening night for their show "Crossroads". 
Amazing show, amazing dancers! This is one of my favorite annual jobs.
You can see and purchase these photos at

I will be uploading photos over the next week, so if you go and it says they are unavailable just check back.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Smiles Family Portraits


More Smiles Family Portraits summer 08
This includes the individual families, the different sibling groups, etc...

Family Portraits summer 08

The Smiles
These are some great family portraits from Summer 08. This family was so fun! Check out the photos with grandparents and 5 grandkids. Wow they had all they could do to keep the kids in one spot. I think all the parents were behind me singing and goofing to try to get the kids to smile.

I will put more of these on a seperete post later.

Ducks coming soon!

We will be getting baby ducks this week, so exciting! 
Some day I will put some homesteading photos on here.
be well!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

December Journal

In December I had wrapped up my shooting for the season 
and was trying to get into a routine of photoing every day.
 These are some of the photos that I took. 
At home in VT to NJ on holiday.

What Customers Say!!

So here are some of the lovely comments I have gotten
 back over the year from my excellent and gracious customers!
Thanks everyone!-sarah

Thanks. It was a really great experience, you made me feel really comfortable. 
They look great! I look forward to seeing the rest.
The book is beautiful, you really did such a wonderful job. Allan said he thought it was "exceptional." We couldn't be happier with it. Thank you so much. We will look forward to seeing you in the summer for a family photo.
Thanks again.
Lynn     April 09
The photos from the wedding are beautiful.  We have enjoyed them so much. 
We're loving them, as are our family and friends!  Thank you!
Thanks again for your hard work!  They're beautiful reminders of a wonderful day!
 Thanks so much!  The large album is beautiful, and the minis will thrill our families!
Best,    Eden and Kurt March 09
Sarah, you are so cool! Thanks a bunch.
We've thoroughly enjoyed ordering
 and displaying all
the pictures that you took
 of our family this summer.
They have been given as Christmas gifts, and
are hanging in everyone's house...AND in their
in-laws homes too!!
Smith Stiles families         Feb 09
The photos look great. We are both very pleased with them. Thank you so much.
-lisa and Jon          Jan 09

Thank you for the great pictures! –Leanne         09

The pictures you added are wonderful.  The portraits
of Robb and I, as well as the ones of my family are so honest.
I just had so much fun looking through the photos that you put up so far.  The ones with kids in them may be my favorite because they are so uninhibited and because I know they will change so fast and I love how much you captured this part of their life. I also love the getting ready ones in my skivvies and appreciate you making them private. I was just about to do that when I realized that you already did. The other really sweet ones are of Robb with his cousin putting his tie on for him while he holds a beer. Very Robb.  Can't wait to see all the others.
Sarah         Oct 08

Just saw the photos at Pictage - they are fantastic!  You really captured some great moments.  Can't wait to get some printed up and framed.
Thanks a million!
Best,    Tracey & the gang         Sept 08

David and I are loving the photographs and reliving that day!  Thanks so much!!!
-Kate         August 08
Cliff and I looked at them last night!! There are so many that we both love!  I can't wait to see the rest, Cliff is really excited about the reception photos, since we were all being goofballs:)        
-Becky          July 08

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time for Portraits ! Portrait Sale!

Time for 
Portraits !!!
Portraits !

Think about those holiday cards; don’t wait!

Family Portraits!

Child Portraits!
Senior Portraits!
What about having professional 
photos documenting family events
including Baby naming 

Christenings, Weddings &


Family documentary,


Maternity & Enfant First photos, 

Bat Mitvah and Bar Mitzvah, 


Birthday party’s, 

and  Anniversary.

Please e-mail for 
additional prices 
but I just added this package 

Pick your own Package             $100.

·    One hour of photo coverage 

at your home or pretty or urban location

·     All images (25-50) on the web for sharing with grandparents, family, friends and easily order on line

·     No prints or albums included

·     Travel included within 

15 minutes of Brattleboro or 

Marlboro, VT

prices do not include taxes and shipping