Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey folks,
      Not apologizing but I had a bit of vacation from posting. Now spring is here, actually we have feet of snow still but spring is in the air. Spring inspiration, hopefully!  Have some new project ideas but wont share those till they are up and running. Planning for summer. Love to do lots of people portraits and have that connection with folks. Also lining up some weddings And hoping to do a little work travel! Would love to have more of an excuse to photo by the ocean Maine, New England, California. Yummmm!

     Have a photo in The Sun April 2013. On if you are curious they have a free trail offer here.

    I was going to post a photo of the snow but can't even look at another snow photo.

You can also keep up with Lavigne Photo on Facebook  and if you are a photo person I post lots of link to work I find interesting on there.

Happy Spring

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