Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!!! Wow I guess I have been on hiatus from my blog.

Please excuse or enjoy this somewhat rambling post!!!

But do you ever feel that your work is growing and changing even
when you take a brake from it, I do? I have an almost
11 month old baby, that went fast! And other then
working this summer, I have done very little of my own photo work.

Now I have lots of portrait work to share from the last year
and more and also am mulling how to re create my life or more
How my life is being re-created!?! And how do I fit this blog
to that change?

I have been bumped off Facebook for sharing Breastfeeding photos!!!
But this might benefit my blog because I will put more photos on here instead!!

Just wanted to let everyone know my Facebook page was restored after some press :)

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